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The Journal of Multimodal Rhetorics

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Two full-color comic panels explain how comics contest dominant narratives.

Powerful Marginality: Feminist Scholarship through Comics

Rachel Rys

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Transcript/Access Version

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An image of Jean-Michel Basquiats /Action Comics/.


Disidentification, Disorientation, and Disruption: Queer Multimodal Rhetoric in Queer Comics

Rachael Ryerson

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Three black and white comic panels each depict a different African American person (two women and one man) remembering MLK, Jr.

Filling in the Gutters: Graphic Biographies Disrupting Dominant Narratives of the Civil Rights Movement

Jessica Boykin

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Panel featuring Erika Moen explaining in four speech bubbles that sex is complex and touches our lives in many ways, yet %u201Csociety fails spectacularly in teaching us how to navigate it.%u201D

Sex-Education Comics: Feminist and Queer Approaches to Alternative Sex Education

Michael J. Faris

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A screencapture of questions asked by the instructor.

Rural and Native American Students’ Utilization of Autobiographical Comic Strips to Explore Their Identities through Digital Storytelling in the Multimodal Writing Classroom

Tara Hembrough

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