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Rural and Native American Students’ Utilization of Autobiographical Comic Strips to Explore Their Identities through Digital Storytelling in the Multimodal Writing Classroom

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Appendix 3: Selected Images

Appendix 3.1: “A Talk with Tara”

The author's comic, beginning with a short introduction of her interests.

Tara is a Choctaw student majoring in English with a Writing Emphasis. Tara, who likes the anime genre and Manga cartoons, decided she wanted to draw and produce comics professionally after completing the comic unit. In one of her cartoon panels, Tara depicts herself at an anime convention.


 Appendix 3:2: “Dealers for Dessert”

A woman works at a casino attacked by zombies; she and her friend fight them off by giving them money.

A Choctaw student, who works as a blackjack dealer, focuses her cartoon on her full-time job at the local casino, where the patrons depicted turned into actual zombies “out to win it big.” This student has worked full-time at night and carried a full course load. With her upcoming degree, she wants to start a publishing house for children's books.


Appendix 3.3: “My Two Jobs” 

A woman explains her two jobs: as a restaurant server and as a casino cocktail waitress.

Another student working as a server at the same casino described the stressors involved as being daunting. Simultaneously, this student also acts as a waitress at a separate restaurant. Meanwhile, at the university, she is an honors student.


Appendix 3.4: “My First Comic” 

A young man discusses his interests and how he surfs the Internet.

Bryant chooses to showcase his hobbies, including sports, traveling, and reading, to depict himself in a positive, self-possessed light in his cartoon.


Appendix 3.5: “Dealing with Critics” 

A woman explains why she has chosen to study to become a teacher.

Olivia, with her cartoon, shows her struggles with justifying her decision to be a high-school teacher to her family. Incidentally, teachers in our state are the lowest paid in the nation.


Appendix 3.6: “My Introduction Comic”

In this series of panels, a student explains how she went to high school, graduated, entered college, and chose English as her major. 

Through her comic, Noah, a Native American student, explores the milestones in her life, including being homeschooled, living on a farm, working at an Amish specialty food shop, and deciding to become an English major.