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The Journal of Multimodal Rhetorics

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meet the authors | VOL. 2, NO. 2

Dialogues and Demonstrations Authors


A man in a red cap and glasses stands before a redwood tree. A brown-haired woman with curly hair parted to the side smiles at the camera.

Gregory Zobel (gz)

 Anushka Peres

Gregory Zobel (gz) is an Associate Professor of Educational Technology in Western Oregon University’s College of Education. He is interested in accessibility, open source, radical pedagogies, punk rock, #edtech, and prison abolition. His approach is based on the understanding that technology should serve and liberate society rather than subjugate individuals through convenience and amusement.





Anushka Peres is a photographer and Ph.D. Candidate in Rhetoric, Composition, and the Teaching of English at University of Arizona. Her scholarship focuses on the persuasive capacities of photographs to resist and reproduce social inequalities and environmental degradation within settler colonial systems. Her work on visual rhetorics has been published in the interdisciplinary journal New American Notes Online, and her photographs have been showcased in galleries in Vermont and on various online platforms. She is a 2018-2019 Bilinski Fellow and an award-winning educator.