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kansas city hear I come: Sonic curation for Civic impact

by Abigail Lambke, Avila University

Welcome to the home landing page for the webtext "Kansas City Hear I Come: Sonic Curation for Civic Impact." On the home page, visitors-listener-readers can access all the audio together and the works cited and sampled. All tracks are provided in the playlist below and will play in sequence. Clicking on either the images for the tracks or the links below brings you to individual pages with audio divided into sections and full transcripts. 

  • Track 1 “Soundscape” represents Kansas City sonically in 5 minutes
  • Track 2 “Sound Effects” focuses on how professionals at two locations enact sonic curation to achieve a specific mission
  • Track 3 “Resonance” provides a philosophic underpinning for the webtext and probes into how sound operates curatorially due to its invisibility, participation, interiority, and simultaneity
  • Track 4 “Frequency” functions as an extended Artist Statement with descriptions of choices made when creating this webtext and commentary on the process of sonic scholarship



A cluster of trees growing alongside a river.



A stop sign at the intersection of 18th and Vine Street, Kansas City.


Sound Effects


Rainbow wrapped Ride KC streetcar.





Abigail Lambke at the American Jazz Museum, sitting at the In the Mix Station



Complete track list

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