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The Journal of Multimodal Rhetorics

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RADICAL MUSEOLOGY/radical Pedagogy:
Curating Beyond Boundaries 

by Stephanie West-Puckett and Genoa Shepley, University of Rhode Island


In this born-digital project, we use the practices, genres, and logics of exhibition as an organizing framework for communicating a subversive approach to writing pedagogy.  We have selected, arranged, interpreted, and juxtaposed artifacts from museums and from the University of Rhode Island (URI) first-year writing curriculum that tell a disjointed and fragmented story about what social justice work is possible in both museums and schools. In keeping with our work to disrupt normative  writing instruction practices, we cultivate here dis-orientation, dis-census, and dis-obedience as necessary dispositions for unlearning and unmaking hegemony in the classroom. We invite participants to experience these affective dimensions of radical pedagogy and listen to the “noise” as they step into a three-dimensional virtual reality (VR) classroom we developed with the open-source platform Artsteps. As a corollary to the VR exhibition, the exhibition catalogue further contextualizes and interprets the artifacts, theorizing the productive juxtaposition of radical museology and radical pedagogy. See below for tips for viewing virtual exhibitions in Artsteps. 

Explore Virtual Reality Exhibition in Artsteps

Exhibition Catalogue Flipbook


Tips for Viewing Virtual Exhibitions in Artsteps

For best results, use the most recent version of Google Chrome, the Art Steps mobile app, or a virtual reality headset to experience the exhibit.

When using Google Chrome, close other applications, windows, and tabs to increase processor speed. Exhibition will take a few moments to load.

Once the exhibition has loaded, you may click on the control panel on the right-hand side of the screen 

  • To get help for using the program
  • To enter full screen
  • To change the quality of the graphics 
  • To control the volume of the music 

Use the navigation buttons in the lower center of your screen to take the tour OR navigate the galleries manually by clicking and dragging the screen and using the footprints icon on the floor to place yourself in the desired location. 

If you take the tour, you can pause at any time to click on wall labels and read more or watch one of the video artifacts.

If you decide not to take the tour, you can wander around the gallery by clicking on the map in the lower left corner of the screen and by moving the two footprints on the gallery floor to the location where you’d like to stand. In this mode, you control how near or far you stand from the artifacts and the order of your experience.

Depending on your connection speed, videos may take additional time to load. Click on the video and use the controls in the pop-up window to start, stop, and control the volume of each video.