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The Journal of Multimodal Rhetorics

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Appendix I: Major Questions Students Addressed in the Reflective Essay

1. Discuss how you composed your storybook, with its strengths and weaknesses, and the effect on viewers you hoped to produce and why.

2. Did the Storybook assignment strengthen your critical thinking and research skills? If so, how?

3. Did the Storybook unit strengthen your multimodal reading skills? If so, how?

4. Did the Storybook assignment strengthen your multimodal writing skills? If so, how?

5. Did the Storybook assignment strengthen your reflective practices? If so, how?

6. Did the Storybook assignment strengthen your collaborative practices? If so, how?

7. Did the Storybook assignment promote your educational and personal interests? If so, how?

8. Did the Storybook assignment prompt you to consider continuing to compose stories in the future? If so, why?

9. Describe your Storybook’s main character and his/her main motivation or goal.

10. Describe your Storybook’s setting.

11. Describe your Storybook’s secondary characters.

12. Describe your Storybook’s lesson or moral, if there is one.


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