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The Journal of Multimodal Rhetorics

ISSN: 2472-7318


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Issue Vol. 7, No. 2

Winter/Spring 2023



A Special Issue edited by Ravynn K. Stringfield and Alicia K. Hatcher

A reflected future cityscape enveloped in sunshine.



Starlight,” by KáLyn Coghill


Play, Not Necessity, Is the Mother of Invention,” by Ashlyn Walden


Imagine We Knew All Our Names,” by Talisha Haltiwanger Morrison and Sherri Craig


To Be Made Whole: A Reflection on Purity Culture, The Evangelical Church, and Cis-Male Bodies,” by Will Chesher


He Looks Like Me in the Future!: Using Afrofuturism as a Teaching Tool in the Elementary Classroom,” by Tiara Brown


Mapping as Sense-Making Practice: Embodied and Ecological Approaches to Composition Pedagogy,” by Claire Oldham Griffith and Jeanetta Mohlke-Hill



Rev. of Louis M. Maraj’s Black or Right: Anti/Racist Campus Rhetorics, by Benesemon Simmons and Aja Y. Martinez 



This issue was arranged, edited, and published within the traditional territories of the Akokisa, Sana, and Karankawa peoples.